Huangshan, China

Huangshan has to be so far my favourite place in china so far to getaway and wind down. The name Huangshan it self means Yellow Mountain, located in eastern china Ahnhui province. I first visited Huangshan last year 2018 in the summer with my friends and again this year in early spring. The place itself…

Magical Yichang

I first heard of Yichang through a friends social media and boy did it take my breathe away. Yichang is in the province of western Hubei in China. Determined to see it for myself, I took a train to Yichang East railway station. From there a didi (Chinese version of Uber) to Ramada Yichang Hotel….


My heart is warm with friends I make And strangers I’ll be knowing. There isn’t a plane I wouldn’t take. A.R

Wanderer II

There’s nomads of lights Who wander the nights Without knowing What it is they seek. The wanderers know One day they must return home. For what they seek Is where they began their journey waiting for their return.

My first few weeks in China

  At the beginning of December, I decided to move to China. I had never been to China before and the first time I was seeing China was the day I moved here. Yup, crazy or brave? You tell me! There are many reasons why I moved to China, but that’s for another day and…

Not Just Coffee

stumbled upon this cute cafe in Wuhan,China and absolutely fell in love with it! From books, to paper notes, to vintage objects and typewriters, this place is perfect for writers to visit!

Trip to Attock

Since  graduating this July, I have been meaning to go visit my grandfather and few relatives who live in Attock, Pakistan. The last time I went there was in 2011, so one can imagine I had not seen my grandfather for that long. It is in fact the longest time that I had gone without visiting…


For some people, the idea of the “American dream”, a big house, the latest car and a decent job, never has been an interest. Some people want to taste the history, hear the beautiful surroundings, get lost in the crowds, the colour, travel dust, lost in translation, lost cities, the ancient sites. Some people are…

A Solitude day at Harewood House

Today I spent the day in awe at one of Britain’s finest house, Harewood House. Harewood House is one of the most beautiful and magnificent house in the countryside, filled with magical tales and history.  Every single room, garden, the landscape is filled with its own tale and significant art, furniture, studies, dining hall, tea…

Land of the Emirates

  Maktoum dreamt it Skyline reaching the clouds from grains of sand to the lands of dreams. it stands tall reflecting the lights of the skyscrapers the gem of the Gulf sparkling in between the sand and the sea.   Sipping Karak in Royal Albert teacups, it’s never too hot to drink tea with air-conditioned…

This Time Next Year

Just a little poem which I wrote in my Creative Writing workshop.Still needs working on but here is a draft version..

Graduated: Keep Calm and Carry On

Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing the things you are not supposed to do. Since childhood, we are told what to wear, what to eat and what to do. But why is it that as soon as you reach your graduation date, the pressure is on you. There…