Half – half

I bring out the best and the worst in you. I let out the rage in you that you kept locked for years. I bring out the real laughter that you shy away from. I bring out all the secrets and thoughts you can never tell another soul.I bring out your worst fears wrapped in…

    People not agreeing with your decisions is nothing to do with you. It is more about them and their own fears they project on you. Just because they can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t . A.R


Oh wanderer what do you seek?  Lost in the alleys  In these unknown valleys  Knowing that you shall first struggle  But how much can one juggle?  Oh wanderer who do you seek?  You wonder without no end  Who robbed your soul or did you lend That you can no longer be healed For your lips…

I took a picture of you with my eyes

I took a picture of you with my eyes   For when I wander in lost thoughts   You will be there   To fill the silence in this soul     A.R