You can travel the seven seas Get lost in translation, Fall in love. But you will never escape the mind. To be at peace,we must first learn to feed love to our ourselves.  

Forgive and Forget

There are many sayings out there about how sharp our tongues can be which I am every now and then reminded of. Last night I was going through my old pictures and found some great memories of my friends and me over the last couple of years. As you can imagine I was grinning and…

This Time Next Year

Just a little poem which I wrote in my Creative Writing workshop.Still needs working on but here is a draft version..

Social Media Insecurities

These days we are so concerned about putting ourselves out there to the world rather than examining ourselves and reality. It is very hard to imagine life without the use of social media apps and sites for the majority of us, social media has taken over our lives. Social interactions face-to-face are now so limited…