Solitude II

Strolling around Mother Nature Sitting under a tree Listening to the birds chirping The sound of summer leaves swaying Ahh the brisk cool air and the blue sky. What a delight it is to be able to live in my own world of solitude. A.R




    After all the waiting and wondering, it will finally hit you. It is fear and the barriers we created ourselves that are stopping us from where we want to be.

A little too late…

Life plays silly games with us. Throwing us someone who feels so damn right yet so wrong. And eventually without a confession, we leave walking away hand in hand with someone else and wondering…  what if they felt a little something too? Study medicine in Europe


  There is something about the way your body ignites every inch of my bare skin into a whole universe.  


  Do you remember yesterday We were waiting for today Now today is here but We are waiting for tomorrow. We were daydreaming Of all the possibilities of tomorrow Yet we are waiting for something to change When the change has been aching in our hands All along…  


The rain is streaking on the window My sweater so soft and warm Yet my mind is numb I am tired, so very tired. Footprints remain in this mind of mine All the flashbacks I wanted to run and hide All to cry and drink my salty tears. Praying to god and asking him “Why…


For some people, the idea of the “American dream”, a big house, the latest car and a decent job, never has been an interest. Some people want to taste the history, hear the beautiful surroundings, get lost in the crowds, the colour, travel dust, lost in translation, lost cities, the ancient sites. Some people are…


  There’s a lot that we see coming from a mile away. We know of all the possible pain, betrayal that may come our way. We know the meaning of “real” friends, love and we try not to expect anything from anyone. Yet somehow the ending still takes us by surprise.    


Sparks still fly Between you and I, Yet here we are on standby.   Parting ways in passing days First to the last, Yet meeting halfway. IN·AD·VER·TENT.LY.   Electructing each other so carelessly. More than companions Yet no devotions, No less than strangers.   Once opened doors Once your confidant, Once my yearn, Toxication with…

Land of the Emirates

  Maktoum dreamt it Skyline reaching the clouds from grains of sand to the lands of dreams. it stands tall reflecting the lights of the skyscrapers the gem of the Gulf sparkling in between the sand and the sea.   Sipping Karak in Royal Albert teacups, it’s never too hot to drink tea with air-conditioned…