Just like that, you walked into my life without a knock. I tried with every bone in this body, to fight the urge of what could break me. Yet, every time I see you, I fall deeper and deeper. Tell me, how can I make you stay and love me a little bit more? I’ve…


She allowed herself to be swept when she knew this kind of love only exists in fairy tales. He came in like Prince Charming, ready to salvage the broken soul. They shared their childhood traumas as if they lived them together. There was no one who could have understood her trauma better than he could….


Sometimes you just don’t see it. You don’t know it. Behind the smile and laughter, hides a rotten pain so deep. The world goes on without a stop and stare. Watching the lovers, the friends and the families laugh with joy, while you watch with tears in your eyes. Sometimes it’s all just too much,…


Ever wander so far away from home  that you start to roam so deep and now you wonder if you will ever find your way back. A.R

No more salt

I ripped my heart open To feel something. Anything. I looked at my scars So rotten and swayed. No more space left For anymore. Over the counter I saw a jar with salt. I reached over to open it. Only to learn there’s no more salt But a sweet substance. Maybe I can use this…


Sometimes in these jostling days You feel so empty and numb Where you just want to crawl and daze You feel so faded, sunk. Wishing for something You are not even sure it exists. Maybe tomorrow the storm will pass by And the sun will smile Or maybe it’ll be another stormy day. But you…


    After all the waiting and wondering, it will finally hit you. It is fear and the barriers we created ourselves that are stopping us from where we want to be.


    I tried so hard to bury the sorrows Wrapped six feet in intoxication But they always came back stronger. Until I learned to plant a seed on the ground Now I’m blooming day by day.