I kept the secret for so long I have now hidden it from myself.           Image via google    


    I lost my own identity Trying to please those around me, Playing by society’s rules. When I started to lose people around me I realised I’m finally becoming myself again.      

Someone Somewhere

Somewhere someone is in love with you Is it not crazy that you don’t even know that someone somewhere is You

Evil Eye

  There’s so much happiness I want to share. The sweet fragrance of my rosebed, But along my path lay a thorn, Stopping me in my tracks and bleeding me dry. It echoes claims of happiness, Yet It’s energy thriving for downfall. I dash for safe return As the evil eye looms ahead…  

New seeds

  O friend Why do you worry about the tales of yesterday? When today new seeds have been planted and there’s so much more to Flourish.


  I am not poor Nor am I rich But I have faith And that is enough wealth to last me in this world.  


Sometimes in these jostling days You feel so empty and numb Where you just want to crawl and daze You feel so faded, sunk. Wishing for something You are not even sure it exists. Maybe tomorrow the storm will pass by And the sun will smile Or maybe it’ll be another stormy day. But you…

Trip to Attock

Since  graduating this July, I have been meaning to go visit my grandfather and few relatives who live in Attock, Pakistan. The last time I went there was in 2011, so one can imagine I had not seen my grandfather for that long. It is in fact the longest time that I had gone without visiting…


    After all the waiting and wondering, it will finally hit you. It is fear and the barriers we created ourselves that are stopping us from where we want to be.


    Learning to be alone and liking it,is a type of art that has the highest value of inner peace.


  Some loveships are not meant to be understood by others. It is the kind of love where they make each other crazy and yet no matter how far they drift away..they always find their way back to each other. A.R