Magical Yichang

I first heard of Yichang through a friends social media and boy did it take my breathe away. Yichang is in the province of western Hubei in China. Determined to see it for myself, I took a train to Yichang East railway station. From there a didi (Chinese version of Uber) to Ramada Yichang Hotel….


  Not everyone deserves your friendship and loyalty. They may be nice and a good person but that doesn’t mean they would go through the same lengths you would. It may get boring and lonely at times, but it is better than aching when you need someone and they never bothered to check up on…

New seeds

  O friend Why do you worry about the tales of yesterday? When today new seeds have been planted and there’s so much more to Flourish.


  I am not poor Nor am I rich But I have faith And that is enough wealth to last me in this world.  


    After all the waiting and wondering, it will finally hit you. It is fear and the barriers we created ourselves that are stopping us from where we want to be.


  Do you remember yesterday We were waiting for today Now today is here but We are waiting for tomorrow. We were daydreaming Of all the possibilities of tomorrow Yet we are waiting for something to change When the change has been aching in our hands All along…  

Forgive and Forget

There are many sayings out there about how sharp our tongues can be which I am every now and then reminded of. Last night I was going through my old pictures and found some great memories of my friends and me over the last couple of years. As you can imagine I was grinning and…

My Graduation Journey

Before my education A few years ago I left in the middle of my education and moved abroad from England to Dubai, UAE. My life went from being in a cosy home family environment to a completely different setting. I had an amazing time in Dubai, I met lovely people from around the world, made…