Huangshan, China


Huangshan has to be so far my favourite place in china so far to getaway and wind down. The name Huangshan it self means Yellow Mountain, located in eastern china Ahnhui province. I first visited Huangshan last year 2018 in the summer with my friends and again this year in early spring. The place itself is known for one of the highest and famous mountains in china and it is known for its spectacular in the clouds and natural scenery.

We got a train from Wuhan (city I currently reside in) to Huangshan train station which was around four hours ride. From the train station, we got a didi (Chinese version of Uber) to our hotel Zhongrui Huayi Hotel ,which was around 45 mins drive. The hotel itself is comfortable and clean enough but most of all it’s in the perfect location of the town and scenic area. If you are looking for something on a budget but comfortable, then look no further! The hotel is located at the corner of the hill and around 8 minutes walk to the bus station. The staff do not really speak English however translation app will do wonders for you. The hotel has a tour service next to the check in desk, which we used last year to book waterfall and rafting and few other sightseeing places. The tour staff arranged a private van for us last year which was very convenient. They also offer massages, there’s a 24 hour convenience store inside the hotel and the breakfast is quite

Out on the street of the hotel. In between the hotel and the bus station

We booked the Emerald Valley tour through the hotel agency for a reasonable amount of 100 rmb plus each for the three of us. The lady from the hotel agency knows very basic English vocabulary however she was efficient enough to let us know the key information. She arranged a driver who picked us from the hotel, dropped us to the Valley entrance and told us where and what time to meet him back down. We begun our hiking in the souring boiling weather drenched in sweat. However, along the hike, there was some beautiful small ancient sites, bridges, waterfalls and bamboo trees, that all made it all worth the hike!

After our hike, we had arranged zip lining however the place was unexpectedly closed. We met the driver and he stopped middle of nowhere where we had traditional Chinese lunch, mind you being a vegetarian, I didn’t have much of a choice but to eat eggs and rice. Not going to lie, we did hold our breathe for our safety for a second as this strangers was taking us to lunch in a deserted area. But rest assured we were perfectly safe and sound and the staff at the restaurant were very hospitable.

Chinese Restaurant middle of nowhere

Baby steps hiking first
Entrance to Emerald Valley
One of the beautiful waterfalls at Emerald Valley

Next stop was white water rafting which was the most relaxing and beautiful smooth rafting I have ever done ! The drive was about 15/20 minutes from Emerald Valley. The driver handed us our tickets, we placed our belongings in a locker and put on slippers and off we went. The water was emerald crystal clear and the scenery surrounding was describable. The rafting was not too stiff or rough on us at all but rather super exciting and we loved all the little and big bumps. The rafting ended on the other side, where our driver was already waiting in the car for us. He drove us back to the lockers to collect our belongings and then back to the hotel.

Getting ready for white water rafting
Hotel terrace sunset views
In the cloud Sunrise at the top of the Yellow Mountain
On the way to Yungu cableway ride up to the Yellow Mountain
What I came for. Spectacular breathtaking views!
Conquering my fear of heights!
Just like a postcard. Unbelievable gem of a town

To wind down, we refreshed at the hotel and took a stroll downtown. After few minutes walk, we noticed a place where a lot of other travelers were going into and coming out. We checked it out and turned out to be a lucky stroll for us as it was a lovely relaxing environment. The owner and staff spoke very good English and had a lovely chat with us and gave us more details on what more to see and do and how. We also discovered the place was an inn 0517 and we instantly wished we stayed there instead of our hotel. The inn had western food available as well as hot and cold beverages, alcohol and non alcohol beverages and a lovely cinematic and cafe area. The second time I visited here, I was just as pleased with the place as my first time. I would definitely want to stay here on my next visit.

Exploring the town
This board is at at the entrance of a hotel/restaurant bar. So lovely to come across such a post here in china. Best spot to have beverages and get to know the locals and other travelers.
Town at broad daylight
Pure happiness as this lady ran with her dog
Hotel/restaurant Zero Five One Seven 0517 inn. If you fancy some western food and drinks or a place to stay with other travelers, then this is the place!

I fell in love with Huangshan the minute I set my eyes on the mountain peaks. I don’t think ill ever get over how surreal , beautiful and breathtaking the place is. It is hard to be in that moment because the scenery looks like its from a dream or a postcard. Climbing the mountain is so far my highlight in China. I struggled and cried as I climbed each steep step but I could not have been more proud of myself than that moment right there. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done physically but the views, clouds, sunrise was all worth it! I hope to return to Huangshan next year and as long as fate allows me to. A bucket list for recommendation for sure!