Magical Yichang


I first heard of Yichang through a friends social media and boy did it take my breathe away. Yichang is in the province of western Hubei in China. Determined to see it for myself, I took a train to Yichang East railway station. From there a didi (Chinese version of Uber) to Ramada Yichang Hotel. The hotel itself was located around 20 minutes walk to the main yichang city centre area.

Yichang Ramada Hotel

The hotel offered tours of the tourist places in Yichang but my friend suggested to look around before we book as it was quite pricey . We asked the hotel for the location of Yichangs Travel centre and took a 8 minute ride there. The travel centre was big and very busy as it had a lot of tour buses arriving and departing. The travel agent spoke English and showed us pictures and prices of the tours available. We chose to go on the ‘Three Gorges Dam’ which cost us around 300CNY. We took our designated coach and away we went to see the Dam.

Three Gorges Dam

View from the coach

The Dam itself was good to discover and learn about and the architecture was amazing. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for something more fascinating.

The next day I was determined to feel 100% satisfied so that is exactly what I did when I booked a tour for the Three Gorges grand waterfalls.

Three Gorges Grand Waterfalls

I booked the transportation to go to see the waterfalls at the same Travel Centre. This time I was told a seven seater will pick us up from the same street. The travel centre had my mobile number and notified us by a text message and a phone call by the driver of the exact location. We were picked up from a nearby hotel entrance. The van was already pretty much full and very old and raggedy. Most of the people there were in their late forties or fifties but that didn’t bother us as the views from our windows was much more exciting. The ride took us around one hour and fifteen minutes or so. If you are a lightweight you might be taken aback by the huge bumps and how steep the mountains are, so best to keep the seat belt on tight!

Breath taking views on the way up to the waterfall
Crystal clear water!
Chinese spices and herbs and street food at the top of the mountain near the entrance
The rain can’t ruin this moment
The main attraction! The grand waterfall!
Cute bridges everywhere
Wooden suspension bridge! It was frightening and daring to cross this and the aftermath was shaky legs but the adrenaline was worth it
Food, raincoats, coffee, gifts and many more interesting stalls

Yichang is so far one of my favourite places I have been to in china. The grand waterfall and everything it represents and all the scenery on the walk up and down to the waterfall is so surreal. It really feels like you’re dreaming and you begin to wonder how magical this place truly is.

You can contact me for more recommendations and suggestions.

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