She allowed herself to be swept when she knew this kind of love only exists in fairy tales. He came in like Prince Charming, ready to salvage the broken soul. They shared their childhood traumas as if they lived them together. There was no one who could have understood her trauma better than he could. She told him her deepest darkest secrets, her hopes, dreams and fears. She whispered her worst nightmare, how afraid she was to love and be let go of, to be given up on. He smiled and stroked her hair softly and looked her in the eyes and told her, he would never to do that.

And one day she woke up, only to realise it was all too good to be true, because just like everyone else, he gave up on her and walked away for his own happy ending. She prayed to god to take her away while she slept, for it was better to be asleep forever than feel the throbbing pain.


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