The rain is streaking on the window
My sweater so soft and warm
Yet my mind is numb
I am tired, so very tired.

Footprints remain in this mind of mine
All the flashbacks
I wanted to run and hide
All to cry and drink my salty tears.

Praying to god and asking him
“Why me”
Perhaps my fate was set
To be filled with darkness.

I would look out of the window so deep
Draw away my ache on the condensed
I would show the sky where it hurt
And dream away the pain.

I am tired, so very tired
Now I know you didn’t mean it,
I tried everything to ship away the pain.
I hurt them because you hurt me
They hurt me and I hurt myself.
It still hurts as much as I breathe.

But don’t you understand?
I love you but I cannot forget
It’s always going to be there
I’ll remain tired, so very very tired.


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