A Solitude day at Harewood House

Today I spent the day in awe at one of Britain’s finest house, Harewood House. Harewood House is one of the most beautiful and magnificent house in the countryside, filled with magical tales and history.  Every single room, garden, the landscape is filled with its own tale and significant art, furniture, studies, dining hall, tea rooms, libraries and eighteenth century antique items.Personally, I think Harewood is one of Yorkshires finest and unique gems. It definitely looks like a scene out of a Disney movie or a Jane Austen’s novel but in reality  it is better than one could possibly imagine! It is located on the outskirts of West Yorkshire, a city named Leeds and is easily accessible by public transport. Luckily for me, it is only a train ride away and from there a taxi ride which takes approximately twenty minutes from Leeds City Centre.

When I entered the grounds, there was a ticket barrier with staff who inspected my ticket which I booked online but you can also buy at the gate. I had to bid farewell to the taxi driver as I was told to get a shuttle/buggy (almost like a golf cart basically) to the house. The house is only five minutes walk from the main gate so you can easily walk or if you feel lazy like me, you can get the shuttle.

Saloon, Main Library
The Gallery
Music Room
I don’t recall but I sure want this room!

I first explored the House, then the Farm, Chippendale, Bird Garden, Servants Database, all the Gardens, the amazing Art and the Lake, yes I know..I had all the time in the world today! I did go and explore on my own and I absolutely loved every minute of it, although I dressed in the wrong gear! I wore my heeled boots and a jacket (because last night it was thundering and raining heavily) and I  carried a heavy backpack with my laptop in it (to jot down newfound inspirations). Well, I blame the weather lady for my choice of footwear and outfit today because it was really warm today and started raining when I left. Nevertheless, it all worked out just fine as I didn’t need to go to the gym after all the walking and lifting today!

I had such an amazing day exploring the estate, but my favourite part of the day was sitting down here on the terrace sipping coffee and treating myself to a cake in the terrace and in the Garden grounds. All this with the most beautiful view of the lake, animals, the beautiful garden, fountains, blue skies and an amazing landscape and I also managed to write some poetry so yes…bonus!

The terrace is located at the back of the house and it is one breathtaking living dream! One of the best views I have ever seen and experienced. The history and the architecture are amazing of Harewood House. But it is also sad that not much of the backbone of the estate was mentioned and shown in the literature/paintings or talked about etc. The backbone I am addressing is those from West Indies and the Caribbean who were sold to the British masters and kept as slaves and yet only the “English” history is shown at the estate mostly but that is a topic of discussion for another time and blog. Nevertheless, it is a must visit and one of the most elegant, vibrant and colourful places I have visited!

As I mentioned, I did go on my own as I usually like to go off and explore. I did get weird, somewhat sympathetic looks now and then and was even asked to join a picnic. Which was so lovely and kind but a lot of people often look at those who wander on their own as  lost lonely, don’t have friends or are sad souls. They could not be more wrong! Because there are people like me who enjoy their solitude, I absolutely love my own company and I  love exploring beautiful surrounding on my own as this exercises my own mind and brain. But that does not mean I don’t enjoy my time with friends and family, I do so much very much but at the same time I guess I much like loads of others out there, like time out to “tune in” with myself. Every day is a new learning experience and I learn something new about myself whenever I surround myself in solitude and mother nature, even the jostling cities. We don’t NEED to be surrounded by friends, families, phones, tech all the time. I think it is important to make time for YOU. I really admire those who have learnt to love themselves and be alone with their own thoughts because we all know how scary that can be at times. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you learn that as much as you love your friends and family, you know how to be alone,you can cope on your own and you don’t need company to define happiness, company of our friends and family is just a added bonus and a blessing.

Overall,  I think I have to see the house again and again and again until I can get the gist of it, I cannot wait to go back again because I think I found another favourite spot!

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IMG-3545 (1)
Inside view of the terrace..Random dude
IMG-3541 (1)
Treating myself to a cake
IMG-3544 (1)
View of the terrace/Garden from inside the Cafe


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    Nice article and love the way ypo narrate it. Keep good work


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