Will you remember

Summers glory
Almost at it’s end.
The skies are grey and gloomy
And you are set to sail.
I wonder if you will ever mail?

We stayed up till the AMs
Sharing our heartbreaks,
And all that we fear,
Our dreams and aspirations.
Will you remember?

We smiled, giggled and laughed
Till our bellies ached,
Blushed and lushed,
Over our desires
Yet left the feelings unspoken.


When one day,
You wake up,
In the midst of your new friends,
Experiments and experiences,
Will you ever think of what was
And what could have been?

Will you miss me
As much as I crave you?
Maybe if he wills
Our paths will cross again,
And maybe we can laugh
Over a cup of coffee
To our heart’s content.

Or maybe it’s wishful thinking
And we will always be far apart,
In miles but not in my heart.

But if you were to despair
And find that one day
You are missing me,
I hope you know
I’m right where you set sail
In summer’s glory…


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