Forgive and Forget

There are many sayings out there about how sharp our tongues can be which I am every now and then reminded of. Last night I was going through my old pictures and found some great memories of my friends and me over the last couple of years. As you can imagine I was grinning and smiling away like an idiot and even laughing.But then I came across a screenshot of a text message which whipped the smile off my face and instantly hit me right where my heart beats.
I suddenly shivered reading the words as they harshly cut Down my throat silently. The text message was from a friend or so from two years ago which was very harsh, rude and degrading. The kind of words you only use when you feel hatred towards someone and all you want to do is hurt them so badly and possibly one of the worst things you can say to another.
Although this friend and I made up and did briefly talk through our issues in the past, we are however unlikely to be the same with each other again. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes we bottle things up so much and move on and “get over it” and forgive those who have said the words which may be “unforgivable”. Because we know that we cannot allow words and actions of others stop us from living up to our potentials. But the truth is sometimes as much as we are living and existing, some words will always haunt us when there’s a reminder of that person or people.We can still be friends with those who have said not so nice things and still be angry and hurt every now and then. That’s what makes us humans..our feelings and emotions. It is also a reminder that we have to be careful about the words we choose to utter out loud as they can cause a lot of damage, which you can never take back. Ones the words are out there, they are permanent and as much as we can try to ask for forgiveness and still be civil with each other, deep down we know that the damage is done.
So today I woke up with the pain from last night because those words written by someone else in one minute years ago  have lasted me the hurt till this day years later, as much as I wish this person all the best in life. Words can taint and blur our perceptions, respect and love for the person/people we thought so highly off. So I guess this is a reminder to myself and others out there to think before we send a message or speak our words and consciously choose our words which will have an impact on another person. We are so quick to judge others and speak negatively of others when really we should keep quiet if we have nothing pleasant to say or say it tactfully and gently if the speech will benefit that person. Perhaps if we saw the good in others first, we would be amazed on how much love there is.

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  1. selviafei says:

    Agree with that 👌

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