Land of the Emirates


Maktoum dreamt it

Skyline reaching the clouds

from grains of sand

to the lands of dreams.

it stands tall

reflecting the lights of the skyscrapers

the gem of the Gulf

sparkling in between the sand and the sea.


Sipping Karak in Royal Albert teacups,

it’s never too hot to drink tea with air-conditioned tiles,

cooling your mind, body and soul,


Sipping Dom Perignon

Twenty-four carat gold



Those who brunch.

Imported Balik Salmon, duck eggs,

creme Fraiche, Brioche.

Mimosa wouldn’t go amiss.


Overlooking the Porches, the Ferraris, Royals Royce

the Saudis in their Audis.


In the midst of the glittery and dazzling skyscrapers

a mirage.

I see the Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis,

the Arabian Prince and Princess,

the fashionistas and the entrepreneurs,


I hop into the Lambo

I can feel the heat of the engine,

blasting music to my ears!

Wow! Easy on the eye

my heart is racing

blood pressure rising

damn, this joy and sight

Is this a desert?

It really must be the land of dreams.


I hop out.

In between the constructed empire

owned and titled by the upper

the Royals, the sheikhs,

I suddenly found myself

standing in the crowd

with the everyday folk.


I can feel my heartbeat slow down

I can feel the sweat building up,

as I take a look around

everything looks… So real.

I have travelled back in time.


The aroma of the oud

the rosewater, smell of cumin, saffron, paprika.

The clear crystal turquoise water,

The antique ships.

The coral and the limestone buildings,

the wooden archways.


I am surrounded by mother nature,

craftsmen, the artists and the grafters.

Here lie the hands of the dream makers,

the people of Philippines and Asia,

the labourers, the migrants

and the expats.

Here walk the feet of the overworked

the underpaid.


I feel no adrenaline

nor any rush,

everything feels so hush.

I am not in a prayer

nor am I meditating,

it is not even yoga or tai chi

but right here right now

I think I may know what bliss is.


I leave heavy-hearted,

With the memories of the window shoppers

the despair and amazement on their face.

Seeing the beauty of what they created with their hands

So out of reach, all they can do is capture the moment with their eyes.

I feel my heart breaking watching the labourers grind in the burning air,

But this pen and paper don’t do any justice.


Falling in love with the emirate,

But why does it suddenly feel like I never knew you?

You mask yourself away like spider man,

Hidden with power

world screaming in awe, praise,

When you unmask, I wish you never revealed yourself to me.







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