This is the era of situationships

let me rephrase that for you,

it is a pseudo-relationship

A placebo masking itself as a formative relation.

You’ve got to be careful or you may end on a journey of guilt trip

because showing feelings is a sign of weakness

being macho and cool and down with it is the uniqueness.

being a side chick is accomplishment

seems like everybody has a side dish, overconfidence.

Seems like all we do is talk

hit them up with the texts on the weekend

hoping they show up, ain’t nobody got time to be a laughing stock.

Let’s have sex and cuddle like they do in the West End

who cares there isn’t no commitment

got to keep it casual and consistent.


This is the era of social media

the cause of your insecurities

it is the Bible, your encyclopaedia.

Full of so-called opportunities

for one to flirt, you must like

press your finger against the heart, and that’s a strike.

Suddenly, the likes have value

You’ve reached 10k followers

now you’re a celebrity.

So many selfies

yet so little knowledge.

More DMs

pricks sending in pics of dicks

dicks sending pics of pricks

standing next to flashy cars with a figure of six

here’s another picture of your food

like seriously dude?


This is the era of entrepreneurs

cruising around with their chauffeurs

the millionaires and billionaires

hell no, they hold no accountability

causing more fatalities

who cares for your corporations?

and all your promotions

like who are you really trying to impress?

You have a beating heart, are you not already blessed?

But damn we all possessed.

This is the era..

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