Ever wander so far away from home  that you start to roam so deep and now you wonder if you will ever find your way back. A.R


Sometimes you just don’t see it. You don’t know it. Behind the smile and laughter, hides a rotten pain so deep. The world goes on without a stop and stare. Watching the lovers, the friends and the families laugh with joy, while you watch with tears in your eyes. Sometimes it’s all just too much,…


My heart is warm with friends I make And strangers I’ll be knowing. There isn’t a plane I wouldn’t take. A.R

Solitude II

Strolling around Mother Nature Sitting under a tree Listening to the birds chirping The sound of summer leaves swaying Ahh the brisk cool air and the blue sky. What a delight it is to be able to live in my own world of solitude. A.R

Wanderer II

There’s nomads of lights Who wander the nights Without knowing What it is they seek. The wanderers know One day they must return home. For what they seek Is where they began their journey waiting for their return.

No more salt

I ripped my heart open To feel something. Anything. I looked at my scars So rotten and swayed. No more space left For anymore. Over the counter I saw a jar with salt. I reached over to open it. Only to learn there’s no more salt But a sweet substance. Maybe I can use this…

My first few weeks in China

  At the beginning of December, I decided to move to China. I had never been to China before and the first time I was seeing China was the day I moved here. Yup, crazy or brave? You tell me! There are many reasons why I moved to China, but that’s for another day and…

Not Just Coffee

stumbled upon this cute cafe in Wuhan,China and absolutely fell in love with it! From books, to paper notes, to vintage objects and typewriters, this place is perfect for writers to visit!


  You can travel the seven seas Get lost in translation, Fall in love. But you will never escape the mind. To be at peace,we must first learn to feed love to our ourselves.  


I entered your cold grey home, I am here yet it is as I never arrived. I knocked your door and you let me in So why do you make me feel like an intruder? I am too foreign for home Too western for motherland. Caught in between hosts as a guest. You have the…


  Not everyone deserves your friendship and loyalty. They may be nice and a good person but that doesn’t mean they would go through the same lengths you would. It may get boring and lonely at times, but it is better than aching when you need someone and they never bothered to check up on…